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i miss how fall out boy used to be :(


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Billie Joe Armstrong performing at Lollapalooza 1994 (x)


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She’s my everything. She’s my world. If I lose her, I lose my world, my everything. She means everything to me.


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“Me and mike dropped acid and we are walking through the park 18 years old giggling. We are walking through and we were like lets go lets go to the store by bp lets go get a pack of cigarettes and some sodas. so we go there and fucking kinda giggling. we ask for a pack of cigarettes, put the sodas on the table and the guy was like “Do you have any ID?” and Mikes like “fuck no maaaan i don’t have any ID maan just sell us the cigarettes” and hes like “I can’t sell you cigarettes you aren’t 18” and we’re all like come onnnnnnnn maan can’t you sell it to us? and he is like “No ID no ID” so we just left all bummed out then Mikes like “maaaaaaaan it’s like kind of a bummmerrrrrr what we should have done was like put out the money like , like that and the guy puts his hand out to get and I grab his hand AND FUCKING STICK A KNIFE IN IT AND GRAB HIS HEAD AND WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM! and I was like whoa whoa whoa whoa.”


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the office is such a stupid show i love it so much


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Your heart can’t even break when it doesn’t even pound”


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where are the hot boys who like classic rock i need one


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So I was in a nostalgic mood about past vma’s and I think for me there was something particularly special about 2005

because like there was themimageand these guysimagebut alsoimageand of course I could NEVER forgetimage

which also gave us this picture image

and these




and of course


and let’s not forget how mcr arrived


in a friggin bank fault


also bonus for fall out boy winning for the iconic “Sugar We’re Going Down”


So yeah 2005 was the year the emo invaded and no one can tell me different

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Anonymous asked: u did it u got me into green day

seriously? okay this makes me so happy I GOT SOMEONE INTO GREEN DAY wow so happy for you pls enjoy the dorks

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gave myself a black eye by throwing my fist into the air, missing, and hitting my head when breaking bad was announced as best drama

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