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leaked studio version

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Kerrang!, August 23rd 2013

A feature on 25 best Green Day songs, to get people in UK pumped up for the Carling weekend and the Brixton Academy concert. This issue of Kerrang! contains two more Green Day clippings and they’re on the cover as well but tumblr’s limits won’t allow me to add them to this batch, so they will be posted some other time.

Click here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here for hi-res images (1610 pixels wide, 300 dpi).


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incase any of you are wondering where the heck ive been it’s just basically a combo of school, volleyball, and a major obsession with zach rance

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zach rance: finale

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Music - that’s been my education. There’s not a day that goes by that I take it for granted. ― Billie Joe Armstrong


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Riptide | Vance Joy

and i love you when you’re singing this song but

i got a lump in my throat cause

you’re gonna sing the words wrong

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you don’t get to treat people like shit constantly and just say sorry every time like that’s not how it works

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I know it’s dire, my time today. Requested by screamforever

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Happy Birthday 10th, American Idiot!

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Happy Birthday American Idiot |  September 21st, 2004
↳ It’s crazy to think that 10 years ago I got into a band that would change my life forever- and it started with one album. If this album hadn’t come along, I wouldn’t have picked up a guitar or become the music fanatic that I am today. For the first time in my life I began to understand the importance of forming my own opinions and my own sense of individuality. I didn’t know it was possible to feel so strongly about music until I heard American Idiot for the first time.  This album means more to me than I could possibly put into words and these 3 guys from the Bay Area made me a better person. I couldn’t be more grateful.

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Green Day - Chump (x)


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"We pride ourselves on trying to put on the best show we can 
and we are not afraid to say that we happen to be
the best live band in the world."
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